Liquidbalancing is…

a one to one bodywork practice in a 35° pool. It is based on the knowledge I have acquired in the last 14 years as a Qigong teacher, a Watsu® and wata® practitioner and a Cranio Sacral therapist.

During a Liquidbalancing session you are completely passive, being carried on the surface of the water, and slowly being moved into different positions, mostly on your back and on your side. According to what your body needs, holding postures, muscle stretches and more dynamic movement sequences are proposed. It is also possible to take you under the water. For this we use a nose clip and a breath signal code. While you hold your breath, you are submerged under the water for short periods of time. The duration of one session is between  30-45 min.

This special form of receiving bodywork allows the body to let go deeply of tension and to unfold it’s movement capacities into the three dimensionality of the warm water. It is a body-mind-time- and space trip. An experience you will not forget.

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I am…..

Kristof Deneke, 40 years old. I am a Watsu® therapist who believes in mixing diverse practices when working with people. Certified in Germany as a heil practiker in 1997, I have followed my teachers Hugh Milne (Visionary Cranio Sacral Work) and Harold Dull (founder of Watsu®) and have experimented integrating Watsu®. It is an interactive and ongoing study with my clients.

I got to know the water-work 10 years ago in Auroville / India. I then became a Watsu® practitioner and travelled internationally to finish the training with WABA (Worldwide Association of Aquatic Bodywork). I have also assisted in the training modules with my friend and teacher, Basia Szpak in Poland, Holland and Hungary.

From the beginning, I practiced combining the Watsu® techniques with my Cranio Sacral practice. I love the moments of stillness that come in between the motion and natural pause of the body resting in the water, as well as the classical Watsu® and waterdance techniques.