November 2012

mobile pool

The mobile pool… is a small (3,5m wide) rubber pool, with a gas-heating-system and a filter-pump. This pool is mobile and can be set up anywhere on a flat, stable ground. The idea behind is, that working in warm water needs access to some kind of hot tub, pool, bath, etc., which is not so easy - Read More -


  The Green Lab is a garden experiment with flowers, trees, vegetables, medicine plants, a green house, a covered area (for massage, reading, cooking, relaxation, meditation), a summer pool for watsu®, a fire place and a sweat lodge. A space where it is possible to be surrounded by nature and it’s different processes while giving - Read More -

Kids Workshop

As the bodies of the children don’t take so much space, a small workshop about floating each other can take place in the small mobile pool. Usually they learn very quickly and have fun. It is very sweet to watch. Pictures Martin Perlbach, Ponderosa Dance Festival, Stolzenhagen 2011